All products are hand made by ourselves. The process is completely handmade starting with a design drawn by hand and ending with a paint and color design finish by hand. We want that, in everything that we do a touch of authenticity and honesty could be found. And always, with the use of recycled wood. 


the initial idea, since this project was born, was to always use a raw recycled material, thus making a craft of everyday objects and decoration based on a sustainable construction. A project full of joy and love dedicated to create woodwork artisan and personalized pieces, using all kinds of recycled wood as our signature material.


We enjoy making an artistic and original product, highlighting the exclusivity that anything made by hand has. None is equal to another, similar, but not equal. We try to create an identity reflecting part of our personality in each one of the pieces.  A laborious and individual work, focusing on beauty in shapes, detail and design. Inspired by different artistic stiles.

We are Carlos and Sara, a couple which always loved the handmade, authentic and original crafts. We always enjoyed working with our hands, spending most of our time in it. We always dreamt and imagined a life dedicated to the craft and to live happy doing what we liked. All these thoughts and all these dreams led us to create this project which we call “PerroPeluka”. The taste for the craftsman joined the conscience by the sustainability of the environment and encouraged us to embark on this adventure.

 The photo study is our choice for festivals, parties and various celebrations. We assemble a small tent 3 x 3 in which we recreate a small and peculiar Photographic Studio.In the studio we provide the costumes and outfits for whoever feels like taking a photo (optional) that complements our main product, the handmade frames handmade by ourselves. In this way not only is the sale of a framework, but it comes with a fun and entertaining experience as well as taking with you a beautiful framed souvenir as we print and frame the photo at the premises.

We have several options:


Characterization with 1940s clothes with a background designed to create the right classic environment. The Photography is taken and processed in black and white to give it more character. With this, we want to make a nod to the old photographic mobile studios of the past.


In this case the background is a circus scene with clothes of characters from the old circus, vintage or freak show. How for example the Human Cannonball, the bearded Lady, the Fakir and many more.


The stage in which the photo is taken is a stone wall as if it were inside a House, dungeons or the living room of a castle. The clothes that we use to characterize are period costumes. 


The entire Assembly of carp, furniture structure, the props… It is made by us. We continue our sustainable line and our essence “reuse the used”. Recycling is our trade mark and we try to take it to all that we do as much as possible.

Explain your idea and we make it for you

If you like what we do, tell us your idea and we help you to develop it, creating a product according to your needs. We are not only dedicated to frames and mirrors. We also do other types of projects such as furniture, lighting,… Decoration in general. Send it to you where you want

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